Thorough ipad 2 Review

The Apple ipad 2 was announced just over a week ago and should be in US stores unless it’s already sold out. For us proud Canadians we have to wait till March 25th. But I’m sure those die hard apple soldiers have already invaded our true north neighbours and braved the lines alongside our US friends. With the US store release I was curious if anyone posted a hands on review or even a side by side video review on Youtube.

Well, thanks to a Swedish techie I got what I wished for.


Derrick Rose is a Monster

This man has been playing MVP basketball so far this season. Right now for me he is the most exciting player to watch. What’s even more impressive is that he’s a man of few words and seems to be humble. Not the most marketable NBA player but he is the walking cliche of “letting his game do the talking”. Usually Derrick is in the highlight reels for his zig zagging flash crossovers and crazy body control. But this recent clip takes him to another level of respect.

(I’m sure there will be better quality versions soon)


Best “Best” List of 2010

We’ve made it alive to 2011 and with another year closing, there is a barrage of 2010 “Best of” lists.

The most interesting and compelling video I found was through Best of 2010:Fights. Yea I know I’m a guy. I like to watch others in conflict and mankind is doomed.


Tron is back, so is Jeff old Bridges

In preparation and curiosity of the new Tron Legacy film by Disney, I had to check out the original 1982 Tron. It’s suppose to be cutting edge and revolutionary for its use of animation. I gotta say, for 1982 it was impressive. The creativity and use of their resources was close to genius. A long with the simple plot with a clear message the original Tron will actually be difficult to top.

I’ve already heard mixed opinions about Tron Legacy, but I’m looking forward to the 3D experience. Jeff Bridges young and old don’t let me down!

Here is my simple desktop background tribute to the lightbike scene in the original Tron.

Just right click and save.

For reference here is the original scene.


GSP is ready for UFC 124

Dana White says that Georges St. Pierre “…is the most popular athete to ever come out of Canada. Ever!”

He might not be right now but with that kind of statement Dana got enough attention for GSP. More importantly Dana is building his brand and promoting his events. MMA=UFC and UFC=MMA. Those two are now synonymous with each other. That alone is Dana’s greatest achievement.

GSP shows us the oscar side of him.