Who is Kanye West?

Let’s cut straight to the point, Kanye West is a genius. That’s right Taylor Swift fans.

I’m not saying I agree with everything he does or creates. The man still makes mistakes and isn’t perfect. But this is all part of his genius. These days any publicity is still publicity.

How did Kanye make a name for himself? First he knocked on every door in the music industry and bugged them to listen to the beats he produced. They loved his classic style by grabbing from old school samples. But then he shocked the hip hop industry by wanting to be an MC. Let’s face it, Kanye isn’t the best MC nor is he even qualified to sing (hence the auto-tune). Now he’s rolling around on top of the hip hop heap. Thanks to some lucky breaks and incredible connections (Jay-Z).

That in a nutshell is his journey, but I want to get back to how he made a name for himself. He literally took the microphone out of our hands and said his name over and over again. He stuck his name in every other line in the media and they ate it up. Kanye has created an eccentric persona and people want to know what he’s going to do next regardless of whether they like his music.

I ignore the ET reports and Twitter bombs and respect the artistic talent that is Kanye West. He might be a jerk in the public eye but I don’t care. That’s his way of owning our ears. I respect him for being consistently creative.

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