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Asian Wisdom

For those who are asian you might be able to relate to Kevin Wu on his perspective of his dad. Kevin runs a successful blog that revolves around his relationship with his dad Kenny Wu. Basically he pokes fun at his Dad’s asian quirks and their cultural differences. In the video below at 0:50 you’ll receive some wise advice from Mr. Kenny Wu. This doesn’t just come from him but from a majority of asian parents including my mother. It’s almost a constant buzz of “drink more water”.


Always Love the Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster is a comedic genius. I can’t stop laughing and smilingĀ at those googly eyes.

Ikea Cooks

This is my Swedish Christmas wish. Too bad us bland North Americans won’t be able to get our taste buds on this publication yet. Not until they rephotograph the cover and translate to english. This automatically makes Ikea fresh for another two years at least. Ok the 2011 catalogue wasn’t their best work but who cares about furniture. It’s all about food. Food is life. Ikea has added their usual playful yet geometric touch to a material that isn’t plastic. I give high praise to the conceptual photography. Basically each recipe is broken down into it’s measured ingredients and laid out in a grid structure. It’s kinda like a guessing game to figure out what these pieces put together make.

Two tongues up for this one. Thank you Ikea once again (conditional if you bring it to Canada).

Don’t Just Stand There. Fire Back!

It’s not 2147 yet but I’m sure when it arrives Captain Power will be around to fight Lord Dread. These two duked it out in a post apocalyptic future. No I’m not making things up, this really happened. I must have played our VHS recording over a hundred times through our 20 pound VCR. What was the appeal? Pure violence. These soldiers running around in shiny metal made the Power Rangers look like boy scouts. It was also the first show to have an interactive toy. Although I could never figure out how to use it.The only enemy they could’nt defeat were the parents. It’s just too gosh darn violent! Well at least I can still pretend to be Captain Power by pressing my fist into my chest and saying “Power On”.

Apple sells Apple

This is probably boring news to most but this is Steve Jobs giving the finger to the world. Apple Music which is the record label for the Beatles, originally sued Apple Computers for copying their logo. And now Steve is making money off of their music. Can anyone stop the Jobber? Besides that monumental news, their art direction continues to impress. Great photo selection!